Check out our friends at Project REFIT who are combating isolation by building the community for the future and reducing suicide rates amoung the miltary & first responder communities.

Equine Education Foundation Veterans Program
The Equine Education Foundation (EEF) has received special funding specifically for veterans in need of assistance with mental health. We’re currently looking for veterans and veteran groups to collaborate within our area. We are prepared to start scheduling sessions immediately.

EEF is a non-profit program located in Shamong, NJ, that provides Equine Therapy. With our recent funding approval, we are able to provide our services free of charge to veterans, veteran family members, groups of veterans, etc. We are also able to provide a limited amount of transportation services in conjunction with our sessions There is no requirement for any specific professional diagnosis. If you are a veteran or veteran family member suffering from mental health issues, we can help.
Mission Statement: Inglorious Ruckers establish and build community for Veterans and civilians through rucks, while raising awareness for important issues in New Jersey.
We are a family oriented group.
This includes kids, parents, neighbors, and furry family members.
Complete 3 rucks listed under our "Events" to earn a patch with us. You have to complete all 3 rucks in one year.
Due to the nature of the group you will be removed for inactivity after 4 months from the time you have joined.